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Europol has been operating since 2006. Currently, there are 3 types of products. They consist of linoleum, parquet and laminate.

These products are used by large legal entities, enterprises and ordinary customers. Europol is ready to provide a wide range of services and strives to provide its customers with the best quality products.

Lenoleum is a type of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that is hardened against heat. This material is the first choice in places where directions are scattered. This product is unique because it is suitable for small and dirty areas.

Parquet is a door foam material made by several volumes. Parquet products can be manufactured using tools that are used in woodworking.

Laminate is a foam material made of several volumes of cardboard or MDF boards. Laminate flooring made of this material ensures that the children’s house will not be filled with large expenses.

The Europol company consists of several teams of specialists, distinguished by their quality and prices. These professionals strive to provide quality service and aim to provide the best products to their customers.


What type of laminate is divided into?

Everyone chooses the color and "material" of the decorative layer according to their taste.

Laminate comes with a glossy or matte surface, tile or wood effect, as well as textured, embossed or artificial aged.


According to the drawing, the laminate is divided into one, two or three rows. The simplest type is single-striped, double-striped, similar to planks, and imitates three-striped parquet.

What is linoleum used for?

Linoleum is a polymer roll material. It is divided into several types, such as basic (linen woven fabric, pergalin or heat-sound insulation) and non-basic (single and multi-layer) rubber (relin).


Linoleum is produced in rolls (rolls) 1.5-4 mm thick, up to 2 m wide, 6-20 m long and multi-colored.

Linoleum is glued to a flat base - a wooden or cement floor, a car floor leveled with putty using polymer mastic or special glue.

How to choose parquet glue?

When choosing an adhesive for parquet, you should take into account the type of parquet (its design and size), the type of wood and the type of subfloor (wooden board, plywood or cement board).


The human factor is also important when choosing glue for parquet - in residential buildings, it is better to use an adhesive with minimal emissions of harmful substances. The composition will be at full strength from 1 to 7 days, depending on the chemical composition, humidity and temperature in the room.

What is the advantage of parquet over other floors?

This is a natural hardwood floor. Solid parquet has been popular for a long time, because it is absolutely safe for health and looks very beautiful. Due to the variety of length and width of the parquet, it is able to create whole geometric patterns on the floor.


Parquet is a floor covering made of different types of wood. Unlike parquet or laminate, the material consists of solid wood and has all the characteristics of natural wood. They install natural parquet from untreated wood, and directly in the room they give a unique look that is characteristic of good real wood.

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